Back On The Brand Wagon

17 April 2018

Here at Bona Fide Design Co we believe that creativity is the best kind of drug.

So instead of indulging in other such substances, we have sunken our teeth into a brand new website and it’s left us high as a kite.

Come on over, take a look around – you won’t be disappointed.

Chocker-block full of fresh content including more about the Bona Fide team, their processes and services as well as a portfolio polish that is more on point than the head of Lisa Simpson.

Along with this added goodness, we have developed exciting new client forms to make your life much much easier…

Quote Calculator:

This nifty form allows you to input your design requirements so we can output an estimated quote. Simple and instant. No back and forth, twiddling those thumbs.

Website Brief Form:

Very similar to the Quote Calculator, this new feature allows you to plan your website needs and functions to gain an estimated quote based off your data. From hosting, domain registration and email set up to site functionality, forms and e-stores.

Not sure what tickles your fancy?

Feel free to fill out our General Quote Form. Here, we ask for some basic information and once submitted we will give you an email or chin wag to discuss your design needs further.

With these quick, helpful forms we guarantee you will have more time up your sleeve to focus your energy on more important things like; when’s the next coffee break and what flavour doughnut will complement zed coffee. Priorities, we got you covered like a fitted sheet.

Last but not least

A big fat THANK-YOU to the Bona Fide team for putting in the hard yards and coming out with the goods. The efforts have not gone unnoticed and when we are high-rolling I will shout you all a Ferrari. But until then, a good old fashioned thumbs up will have to suffice.