Social Media

Let’s Get Social!

Defining your online presence is one of the biggest struggles for any business. We deliver schmick, branded and professional design strategies to help win over potential customers and ensure they hit the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button every time.


Whether you “like” it or not, Social media has become a huge part of our lives. We can help your brand get the awareness it needs, making it thrive in a competitive marketplace. Let us discover your brand personality, how it reflects your target audience and create a plan to put your new feed into action.

Profile Management

Allow us to take the stress away and assist in managing your social profiles from daily posts, organic customer engagement, likes, follows, influences and hash tagging.

Profile Setup

Don’t have time to feed your unicorn let alone set up your business profile? Bonafide can take the stress away with complete profile set up across all social platforms ensuring your business is ready to rock and roll and your Unicorn is fed. #nobodylikesahungryunicorn


Need to save time and stay organised? We are here to do just that. Pre-planning and scheduling your social campaigns to ensure your business runs like a pro.

Content Creation

Curating relevant, on-brand content is a breeze with the help of the Bonafide team. From social media posts, company profiles and annual reports we will create content that embodies your business.

Brand Mood Board

Perfect your feed before posting. See the big business picture through image collation, typography layout and brand development across a grid preview.

Growth & Building

Looking for genuine social media growth? Want more exposure but just don’t have the time to like your second cousins freshly baked muffin post? By using hashtags, influencers and search data we can help you gain growth and engagements.

Analysis & Reports

Learn more about your audience by tracking likes, followers and clicks. Here you can optimise post performance, understand what does and does not work for your business and its consumers.